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Pops of Color for Anthropologie’s Sale

My addiction to some Anthropologie sale stuff could be categorized under dangerous – especially when the merchandise is absolutely affordable and adorable and brightly hued in every way, shape, and form…

1. Flounced Pintuck Parka $99.95 // 2. Wrap Around Blouse $49.95 // 3. Leifsdottir Studded Isosceles Dress $129.95 // 4. AG Stevie Ankle Pant in Sulfur Plum $99.95

Sale prices so low make a gal’s heart so happy…

Sunny Side Up. . . .

So my husband and I have a rather large number of events to go to in the next month – which is really nothing to complain about except for the fact that it will require a whole slew of new outfits and I’m still on one of those budget thingys. And while budgets tend to mean I have to lay off the J.Crew shopping sprees for a while – it doesn’t mean J.Crew Factory sprees are completely off the table! Luckily, our local outlet had just gotten in a massive new shipment of summer dresses – much like the one’s I’ve been drooling over for the past few months, but just couldn’t bare to hand over the dough for the original $158 price tag. And it’s a really great thing I didn’t cave because the same sweet yellow dress was just awaiting me for a whopping $84 – with an additional 30% off everything in the store! Yes, it was a shopping miracle: a $60 bargain that looks far more fancy than $60!

SunnySideUp1Pleated Shift Dress $84.50, J.Crew Factory // Panacea Necklace (old) like this one // Studs (old) like these // Franco Sarto Wedges (old) like these // Forever 21 Woven Belt (old) like this one!

But then, as usual, I started throwing everything that looked yellow in my shopping bag and realized I was beginning to have a problem. I love yellow! – and I’m not afraid to admit it! Especially during these pre-summer days when the sun is heating up and the patio parties are just getting started. So of course, I’ve started a bright and sunny catalogue of all yellow must-haves I plan on collecting this summer. . . .

SunnySideUp21. Sleeveless Blouse $19.99, Target // 2. Weldon Belt $85, Ted Baker // 3. Crystal Earrings $67.50, The Outnet // 4. Diamond Drop Ring $14, Panacea // 5. Nail polish ‘Amchoor’ $19, NARS // 6. Snakeskin Crossbody Bag $295, Tory Burch // 7. Pineapple Paddle Set $24, Anthropologie // 8. Macao Loafer $78, Anthropologie // 9. Pleated Jacquard Skirt $79.90, ZARA

Sweet Spot: Magnolia Cheese Company

MagnoliaCheese1During my blog hiatus, the hubs and I have ate and drank our way through Fort Worth, and it’s been worth the extra pounds we’ve been gaining since there are SO many new places to wine and dine these days. Our favorite lately: Magnolia Cheese Company, the quaintest little café and artisan cheese shop on the sweetest little corner of up-and-coming Magnolia Avenue near Southside. Even if you don’t live in the area and can’t enjoy a big ol’ Texas Cheese plank (that’s the delicious treat you see above!), you can at least enjoy their beautiful logo design, heavenly blue painted walls, and chalkboard menu board. If Anthropologie suddenly decided to open a cheese shop, this little gem would be exactly what they’d envision. Specializing in wines, cheese, local fare (we picked up an awesome jar of honey), and big tasty sandwiches that make me drool just thinking about them, this sweet spot is a must-visit when you finally make your way over to the Fort. We’ll save you a seat!  :)

MagnoliaCheese2MagnoliaCheese3** You can find Magnolia Cheese Co. at: 1251 W Magnolia AveFort WorthTX.(817) 945-2221 **

Madewell in Fort Worth, TX!

Madewell Fort Worth

It’s a glorious miracle!  Madewell has FINALLY graced Fort Worth with its presence, and of COURSE, I was first in line this morning to see what the beautiful new boutique would now have to offer my town. Really, this is huge news for Fort Worthians, who have recently seen Anthroplogie and J.Crew (the big 2, I like to call them) move into the same University Park station that now houses Madewell, so a real-life, shopper’s paradise now exists outside of and away from the Dallas mecca of retail. I’m going to save a ridiculous amount on gas, no longer having to commute to the mall, and thus will be able to spend it on sweet bow tees like the one I bought today – WITH MY $20 GIFT CARD! Weeee! Yes, Madewell was AMAZING enough to hand out not only gift cards, but Texas themed tote bags! It was like Christmas sans the crazy family and the burnt ham! And if you hurry now (and you live in the area), go on and get some deals. ABSOLUTELY worth it! :)

Madewell Fort Worth | Bow TeeMadewell Fort Worth | Texas Tote*P.S. Sorry for the terrible photo quality – my brother took my big-boy camera, so I’m stuck with the iPhone! Alas, enjoy!*

Resolution #2: Stay Focused

Stay Focused 2013

While this resolution seems quite broad – and in that, the most difficult to tackle in only a year’s time – it’s a ridiculously important one for someone like me who loves being distracted and is often overcome with anxiety from the amount of projects I decide to take on. Staying focused is also imperative this year if I’m going to finish this never-ending doctorate I’ve been pacing around for the past few years, as I’m in my last year of coursework and it’s getting much harder to suck it up and just work. That said, I need a plan, and a good one at that – and perhaps you do, too, if you want to keep an eye on your prize all year long (and not just the first three weeks like many resolution lifespans). Here’s three new exercises I’m quite fond of that will hopefully detoxify all those distractors (*cough* pinterest *cough*) from an ever-stressful regime. . . .


via In or Out Media on Etsy, $22

via In or Out Media on Etsy, $22

No, not that stupid iPhone calendar that sends you notifications that are easily silenced and ignored and then wind up screwing up your whole schedule. While the multitasking iPhone or iPad is a great electronic resource, nothing – and I mean, nothing – beats a nice piece of planner paper that you can scratch on and make your own, that stares at you everyday and blatantly screams in your face, “get your shit together!” That’s why I am a huge fan of wall calendars – you can’t ignore them, especially when they are hanging in every room. The options are pretty endless (Design Sponge just had an AMAZING spread on wall calendars that is a MUST see!), and because there are so many, one in every room is not a bad idea (for someone like me with an attention span of .0001 seconds). My favorite is actually in our kitchen by In or Out Media on Etsy (the BEST place for finding paper goods!). At only $22, it’s absolutely worth it to always stay attuned to what the full year has to say as opposed to just the week or the month. Planning, good. iPhone, bad.


via Skinnytaste, Caramelized Onion, Red Pepper & Zucchini Frittata

via Skinnytaste, Caramelized Onion, Red Pepper & Zucchini Frittata

Say whaaat?! Yeah, you heard me right – eating a good breakfast can kick start any day when there are 209834938497 things to do and only 24 hours to do them all in. Why? Because (a) when you plan on eating breakfast, you plan on doing something within a certain timeframe; ergo, you’re mind is preset to plan – and (b) your feeding your brain, which is about to go into super crunch-mode the second you hit the books. It needs fuuuuuel! Fuel it. Fuel it with Skinnytaste recipes like the one I’ve posted above – super easy (and trust me, I’m not a cook!), you can prepare it the night before, and it’ll last all week long. Not only are you saving time, your saving yourself from fatigue, which often happens as soon as 10AM rolls around and your stomach is in knots and all you want to do is watch Netflix on your phone. EAT BREAKFAST! And if your not into cooking, invest in some Greek yogurt (my favorite is from Green Mountain Creamery) and a bag of granola (best are from Sprouts) next time your grocery shopping. It’s easy, it’s healthy, it’ll put you to work!


via Shevon/Nacho on Etsy, $15

via Shevon/Nacho on Etsy, $15

“But Meghan, you’re working online right now – totally counterproductive, Ms. Know-it-all…”

Okay, yes, you’ve got me there. I am the QUEEN of online working/writing/twittering/blogging/emailing/fact-checking, but it is seriously – no, seriously – imperative for me to take breaks from staring at the computer screen and refocusing on something more tangible and adjustable – like wielding a pencil and a pad of paper, as old folks did way back in the day. Try shutting the computer down, putting your phone on silent, pushing aside the ipad at least once every hour and see what great ideas can come from not having the option to Pinterest or Facebook creep. For that little slice of time, keep a notebook on your desk – yes, a notebook, not a pad of paper (although those work just fine too). I accentuate the importance of a notebook because then you have a stellar think-tank just sitting by all the time, all in the same place, not scattered across your messy desk. Specifically, I’m drooling over the Shevon/Nacho paper pack above, but notebooks are everywhere (love me some from Anthropologie and Paper Source and these notebooks by Anatarlatana are also amazing), so have some fun checking out your options – but not too much fun like I usually have because then you’ll never get anything done…

Here’s to staying focused today (and being patient tomorrow). . . .

animal instincts

I knew it would only take one week of class to take me away from the blog I love most! But that doesn’t mean I’ve forgotten about you ((how could I?!)) or how to waste time looking at pretty things on Pinterest ((girl needs a break sometimes!)) or how to shop for ridiculously cute animal print blouses in between classes ((for example)). . . . .

And once the Zara blouse was safely purchased and brought home and worn ((multiple times already, really)), I caught the animal bug – yes, there’s an animal bug going around, I suggest you watch your step ((and your wallet!)). It seems everything is printed these days with a cheetah or an elephant or a fabulous french hen, and I am more than happy indulge in a few more wild pieces. . . .

j.crew french hen sweater // cheetah blouse // h&m fox sweater // alex monroe bird earrings // tory burch ella tote // rifle & co zebra notes // ted baker dog bobble wallet // deer scarf // kate spade camels on parade ipad case // owl notebook // elephant bookends

a romantic mishmash + 200th post!

A romantic mishmash is on deck today for the 200th – yes, 200th post from prettyworthy! Perhaps this milestone explains why I’m feeling so nostalgic for the vintage inspired looks I once ogled at and said, “I love that, and I wanna share it!” So here’s to sharing these and other mishmashes of pretty worthy things…

swarovski crystal earrings // jay’s world book collection // kate spade charm heel // petite flower arrangement // anthropologie oversized letters // face stockholm for j.crew // braided knot // madewell lace top

…And here’s to thanking all of *YOU* for listening and commenting and coming back for more! Your virtual presence is always a joy to think about when curating and creating this space, and I thank new and old followers for taking daily/weekly/monthly/YEARLY interest in past posts – as well as the next 200! Once again, here’s to looking forward to more pretty worthy!

the white list

I’ve got a fever! And the only prescription – is more WHITE! From a pair of Kate Spade sunglasses to a chic Madewell pencil, to a sheet of MineHeart wallpaper that mimics a library of floor-to-ceiling white books (no, seriously, it’s amazing), my appetite is calling for one thing and one thing only as of late: fresh, clean, oh-so-beautiful white…

bikini // madewell tank // pillow // soludos // feather belt

j.crew shell // starburst earrings // bauble bar necklace // jeans // tulips // satchel 

kate spade sunglasses // pencil // texas iphone case // white peony tea // ombre cover-up // malibu rum

white book wallpaper // eyelet lanterns // jug // costal lamp // dotted vase // rope bin

DIY: An Overdue Restoration

You may remember from past posts that my husband and I are garage-estate sale frequenters – connoisseurs really. While I absolutely love a bargain anywhere I can get one, there is something extraordinary about a vintage bargain – a bargain on an item that has the perfect wear and tear of love and ownership that you just can’t buy commercially. So when we laid our eyes on an aging hutch in the very back of someone’s garage a few months ago, the $200 price tag paled in comparison to the possibilities we saw for it in our somewhat empty home…

Our only problem was time (isn’t it always?). Neither of our schedules allowed us the opportunity to organize a restoration plan, get our hands dirty, and find some extra odds and ends to help the already precious piece fit into our decor. And what were we supposed to do about the no-shelf situation inside?! Talk about a mess! – a mess that took about four months to clean up, thanks to a little spare summer time. Last week, the time had come. Strangely enough, an impromptu visit to Anthropologie prompted my husband and I to get serious about the project the very second we saw all the new hardware recently stocked. With a pair of punchy begonia knobs in hand, we were ready to begin our surprisingly inexpensive restoration.

Anthropologie knobs // Vintage pulls // Anthropologie vase

While I let Ry get his hands dirty with the shelving and the white-wash painting (less is more here with that bright-eye blue paint job!), I bargain shopped for our bargain, finding a pair of vintage pulls at my favorite Fort Worth salvage shop, the Old Home Supply House, and a vase on serious sale at Anthro. This, of course, kicked off the shelving revolution, using one side of the hutch for storage boxes/organizers (closed) and the other for knickknacks and doodads we wanted to show off. And while our shelf-dwellers come from a few years of garage-estate sale visits, there’s a plethora of options out there that will serve as sweet substitutes…

flower // tea tin // vintage clock // vintage seltzer bottle // galvanized planter // wooden cola crate

A mere $100 later, your hutch might feel right at home in a Country Living magazine! Etsy and eBay are swell options when seeking out real vintage jewels, but if you’ve got the early morning energy and a local newspaper, I recommend scouting out the garage sales. One person’s trash always has the potential to be a thrifty and beloved treasure…

sweet reading: sweet paul

If you haven’t yet met Sweet Paul Magazine, then pardon my rude manners because this quarterly will quickly become your new best e-friend. A lifestyle reader that boasts pages upon pages of beautiful eats, crafty prop styling, DIY tricks, and more, sweet independent producer Paul Lowe seasonally proves how alluring life can be when photographed and colored in just the right hues of love. Just check out a little bit of what the new summer issue of Sweet Paul has to offer…prepare to drool…

And to add to the great news, Anthropologie will now carry a hard copy of Sweet Paul later this month. So if your falling fast for your new friend, you’ll be able to tote him in your favorite tote all season long. Happy (and sweet) reading!


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